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Amino acids have amino and carboxyl groups that can be used for esterification reactions, condensation reactions, acid anhydride reactions, reduction reactions, acylation reactions, etc. Huaheng amino acid products are widely used in a wide range of intermediate fields such as medicine, pesticides, new materials, etc. They use biological raw materials to promote downstream industrial upgrading, and realize a new business organic growth model for customers to green raw materials, processes and products.Keywords: chemical reaction, bio-based, green.

Product applications: synthetic vitamin B, vitamin B5, synthetic propylene glutaptide, synthetic aminopropanol for lefloxacin, synthesis of enapris creatinine L-valine methyl ester hydrochloride, valsartan, sofibvir, chelating agent MGDA, amino acid surfactant, etc. view details

[Taste upgrade/nutritional supplement]Natural sweet amino acids can improve the taste of synthetic sweeteners, increase the sweetness, reduce the dosage, and last for a long time; at the same time, it can effectively supplement the needs of human metabolism. Amino acids, and can improve the utilization rate of protein absorption in food, which does not contain sodium ions, and has higher safety in use. Keywords: sweetness, umami, continuation, nutrition, safety.

[Product Application]Complex seasonings (soy sauce, vinegar, sauces, salty flavors, seasonings, chicken essence/chicken powder), seafood, pickled products, alcoholic beverages, puffed foods view details

[Nutritional repair/drug response] Unhealthy living habits can cause modern people's sub-health manifestations, such as hypoglycemia, physical exhaustion, muscle fatigue after exercise and other symptoms. Amino acids can provide protein component products, which are widely used in In nutritional health care products, improve the absorption rate of protein utilization of the product. Assist in the metabolism of glucose, help alleviate hypoglycemia; increase carnosine levels, increase endurance and help muscle tissue recovery and repair, and are intermediates for various drug responses. Keywords: protein components, nutritional supplements, repair enhancement, drug response.

[Product Application] Antihypertensive drugs, vitamin B6, gamma glutathione, antibacterial drug ofloxacin, hypertension treatment drug: enalapril, new hepatitis C treatment drug: sofosbuvir, new burn drug. view details

[Moisturizing and whitening/biodegradable] Huaheng products are widely used in personal care products

[Product Application] Mask, Cleanser, Toner, Serum/Milk, Cream, Shampoo, Body Wash, Freckle Cream, Pearl Cream, Sunscreen, Chelating Agent, Surfactant. view details

[Nutritional must/improve quality and increase yield] Amino acids can increase muscle protein content, enhance carbohydrate metabolism and increase poultry weight; at the same time, it can increase lactation and improve dairy quality; it can promote feather development; improve fish and shrimp growth rate, Feed conversion rate, protein utilization rate, while regulating amino acid and protein metabolism, enhancing immunity. Keywords: protein synthesis, promoting lactation, feather development, growth, immunity, absorption.

[Product Application] Pig feed, chicken feed, aquatic feed, rumination, pet feed. view details

[Fertilizer Efficiency Enhancement] Amino acid is an excellent chelating agent, which can chelate other mineral elements, allow the root system to absorb faster and more effectively, improve the utilization rate of fertilizers, and reduce the deficiency of crops. It can effectively prevent and control soil-borne diseases, fix nitrogen strongly, dissolve phosphorus, and dissolve potassium to activate soil and increase soil fertility. Regulate soil pH, compaction, re-cropping and other problems to form soil aggregate structure, effectively prevent the occurrence of various re-cropping obstacles and soil-borne diseases, activate fertility, degrade pesticide residues, and promote the solubility of insoluble matter. The effect is remarkable.

[Roots and Growth Promotion] Amino acids can stimulate hair root development. Enhance the absorption capacity of roots. At the same time, amino acids directly participate in chlorophyll synthesis. It can significantly promote crop foliar photosynthesis and accelerate the accumulation of nutrients. view details
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Anhui Huaheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise ,which focusing on synthetic biotechnology ,mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of amino acids and their derivatives. The company has successfully undertaken the National Development and Reform Commission's Bio-industry Demonstration Project, and won the single manufacturing champion of the Ministry of Engineering. It is a leading alanine production enterprise in China
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