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Sustainable Development
advocates the concept of "environmental protection is also competitiveness", set up an environmental protection technology center, continuously increased investment in research and development, and built a "resource-saving and environmentally friendly" enterprise.

The company's L-alanine is mainly produced through the fermentation process. Through continuous research and development and technological innovation, the company has broken through the bottleneck of anaerobic fermentation technology, independently developed and successfully realized the large-scale production of L-alanine products by microbial anaerobic fermentation, greatly reducing energy consumption and product costs, and effectively expanding downstream applications. In this field, it has promoted the large-scale application of products, and at the same time, the zero discharge of carbon dioxide in the fermentation process has been realized, and the technology has reached the international leading level. The company's DL-alanine, β-alanine, D-calcium pantothenate and α-arbutin are produced by enzymatic process. The company has successfully built bioenzymes that can efficiently catalyze specific reactions under mild conditions, avoiding environmental pollution caused by the use of highly polluting and corrosive organic solvents in traditional chemical synthesis methods, and is effective. It alleviates the problem of chemical solvent residues, further improves product quality, and makes the production process safer, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Three alternatives

Sustainable development: renewable alternatives to non-renewable Clean and environmentally friendly: clean and environmentally friendly processes replace petrochemical processes Land conservation: biotechnology alternative planting extraction

Build two major technical platforms:
Microbial fermentation technology and enzyme catalysis technology

Independent research and development of patented technology for the production of L-alanine by microbial fermentation Establish a large-scale fermentation alanine production base