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Product Introduction

DL-alanine is mainly used in the food processing industry as a nutritional supplement and seasoning material. Secondly, it is used in the pharmaceutical industry, which has a good umami taste and can enhance the seasoning effect of chemical seasoning.

Product Introduction

[Alias] DL-2-aminopropionic acid; DL- α -aminopropionic acid; DL- α -alanine
[CAS Number] 302-72-7
[Molecular formula] C3H7NO2

[Molecular diagram]


[Molecular Weight] 89.09
[Character] White crystalline or crystalline powder


(1) DL-alanine can relieve the salty and sour taste, and has the effect of improving the freshness;
(2) It can be used together with other flavor enhencers, such as MSG, I+G, rtc.

(3) Modify the various flavors
  a. Reduce the salty taste: alleviate the strong salty taste, and enhance the umami taste.
  b. Reduce sour taste: reduce sour taste, and will not cause large changes in pH.
  c. Remove the bitter taste and astringent taste.
(4) Chelation effect
  a. Prevent the acidification of food products.
  b. Moderate softening of kelp products.

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