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Product Introduction

Beta-Alanine is a natural amino acid, which can exist in nature in legume nodules in a free state, and also exist in tea, lactation brain hydrolysates and tobacco leaves, and mainly produced in the liver in human body.

Product Introduction

[Alias] 3-aminoppionic acid
[CAS No.] 107-95-7
[Molecular formula] C3H7NO2

[Molecular diagram]

[Molecular Weight] 89.09
[Character] White crystalline powder


(1) As a nutritional fortifier,Beta-Alanine can increase the content of carnosine in the body, relieve the fatigue caused by high-intensity exercise, and enhance the muscle endurance;

(2) Tt can be used for the synthesis of pantothenate and pantothenate, carnosine, pamidronate, sodium and nitrogen, etc.,and also for electroplating corrosion inhibitors and biochemical reagents.

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