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Product Introduction

L-alanine is one of more than 20 amino acids that constitute human proteins. It is a neutral non-essential amino acid containing carboxylic and amino groups in the molecule, and it is also the amino acid with the highest content in human blood.

Product Introduction

[Alias] 2-aminoppionic acid
[CAS No.] 56-41-7

[Molecular formula] C3H7NO2

[Molecular diagram]

[Molecular Weight] 89.05

[Characteristics] White odorless crystalline powder


(1) Can improve the nutritional value of food, in all kinds of food and beverages, such as: bread, ice cakes, fruit tea, dairy products, carbonated drinks, sorbet, etc. Adding 0.1~1% alanine can significantly improve the utilization rate of protein in food and beverage, and because alanine  can be directly absorbed by cells, therefore, can quickly restore fatigue after drinking.
(2) Improve the taste sense of synthetic sweeteners (saccharin sodium, licxiaooside, cyclamate, etc.), which can increase the sweetness efficiency and reduce the dosage. Adding 1~10% alanine to the compound sweet agent can improve the sweetness and ease the sweetness of artificial sweeteners, just like a natural sweet agent, to make the aftertaste lasting. It is one of the raw materials of high sweetness Alitame. (L-asparagine-ChemicalbookD-alanamide, 600 times the sweetness of sucrose).

(3) Improve the sour taste of organic acids. Adding 1-5% of the amount of organic acid can improve the sour taste such as glacial acetic acid, succinate acid, fumaric acid, citric acid and tartaric acid, making the mixed sour taste closer to the natural taste.
(4) The effect of pickled products. Add 5-10% of the amount of salt can taste early, shorten the curing time.
(5) The effect of Alcohol drinks. Add L-alanine, can make its taste mellow, and can prevent the aging of beer and sparkling wine, reduce the smell of yeast. The amount of addition is generally 1-3%.
(6) Add 1-3% L-alanine to the mayonnaise to prevent oxidatio.

(7) Add 2-3% to soybean meal products (such as soy sauce, etc.) can improve the taste.

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