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Plant Nutrition

Amino acid fertilizer is to use plant amino acids as a substrate to use its huge surface activity and adsorption, retention ability, and add nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, iron, copper, manganese, zinc, aluminum, boron) required for plant growth and development., etc.) organic and inorganic complexes formed by agglomeration and complexation. This fertilizer can not only maintain the slow release and full utilization of a large number of elements, but also ensure the stable and long-term effect of trace elements. It has a good effect of enhancing plant respiration, improving plant redox process, and promoting plant metabolism. It can promote photosynthesis and the formation of chlorophyll, and has obvious promotion and activation effects on physiological and biochemical processes such as oxide activity, enzyme activity, seed germination, nutrient absorption, root growth and development. The affinity with plants is high. The efficacy of amino acid fertilizers integrates the