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Product Introduction

L-Alanine,is produced by corn starch, through microbial fermentation refined plant source, it can be used as a fertilizer synergistic agent.

Product Introduction

[Alias] 2-aminoppionic acid
[Molecular formula] C3H7NO2
[Molecular Weight] 89.09
[Character] White crystalline powder
[Indication] Free amino acid content 98%, organic matter 70%, organic nitrogen 15%, water 0.2%, heavy metal <10mg / kg


(1) Promote the production of chlorophyll synthesis, enhance the photosynthetic efficiency, and promote the formation of photosynthetic products.
(2) Effectively resist pathogen infection, improve crop quality and yield.
(3) Adjust the opening and closing of stomata to improve the ability of cold resistance and drought resistance of crops.
(4) Promote the formation of soluble sugars and proteins, and improve crop quality.

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