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Compound microbial fertilizer
Product Introduction

Compound microbial fertilizer is made of livestock and poultry manure, amino acid carbon, bacteria protein and microbial bacteria, and contains organic matter, beneficial microorganisms, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, amino acids and other nutrients.

Product Introduction

[Character] Black and brown granular
[Index] The effective living bacteria number is 500 million / g, 30% organic matter, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium 8%, rich in amino acids, fulvic acid and other nutrients


(1) Loose soil and protect fertilizer, improve soil environment, reduce soil compaction, is conducive to water conservation, fertilizer conservation, ventilation and promote root development, and provide a suitable micro-ecological growth environment for crops;
(2) Adjust the metabolism of crops, stimulate the growth of crops, promote leaf photosynthesis, increase the accumulation of dry matter, and ensure the increase of crop production;
(3) Disease prevention and disease resistance, and stubble resistance: after beneficial microorganisms are applied into the soil, they quickly reproduce into the dominant bacteria, occupying the space of harmful bacteria, reducing root rot, vertical blight, gray mold and other pathogenic bacteria, so as to reduce the occurrence of such diseases;
(4) Accelerate the decomposition of organic substances, produce nutrients and provide power for crops, decompose and make toxic and harmful substances, and resist heavy stubble;

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