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Microbial inoculum
Product Introduction

Microbial inoculum is made of corn starch as the core raw material, and the plant source amino acid solution produced by microbial fermentation as the carrier, supplemented by functional microorganisms.

Product Introduction

[Character] brown uniform liquid
[Indicators] Free ammonia acid content of 100g / L, the number of viable bacteria of 200 million / ml, and PH 4-6


(1) Improve soil, loose soil, form soil mass structure, and improve soil permeability;
(2)Increase the number of soil microorganisms, improve the rhizosphere microenvironment, and reduce the occurrence of soil-borne diseases;
(3) Promote root development, especially for the growth of whiskers and lateral roots has a strong promotion effect;
(4) Adjust the opening of plant stomata, improve the ability to resist stress, and avoid the harm caused by bad environment to crops;
(5) Enhance growth, prevent premature aging, promote robust plant growth, leaf hypertrophy, thick green color.

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