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DL-Malic Acid
Product Introduction

DL-Malic Acid, as a commonly acidity regulator, is widely used in food, beverage, candy and other industries, and can be used as acid flavor agent, color preservation agent, preservatives and so on.

Product Introduction

[Alias] DL-hydroxysuccinic acid
[CAS number] 617-48-1; 6915-15-7
[Molecular formula] C4H6O5

[Molecular diagram]

[Molecular Weight] 134.09
[Character] White crystals or crystalline powder
[Applications] L-malic acid has a soft and refreshing taste. Compared with citric acid, it has a long lasting time, a special fragrance, and is widely used in a variety of drinks, candy, jam and other fields.DL- malic acid can also be used in medicine, cosmetics, feed, metal cleaner, buffer agent, coagulant for textile industry, industrial deodorant, fluorescent whitening agent for polyester fiber, and monomers for making alolate resin.

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