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Through the close combination of independent R&D innovation and industry-university-research cooperation, the company has formed an efficient R&D system. The company attaches great importance to technological innovation and research and development. After continuous development in recent years,The company has established a perfect R&D system and formed a special research team, focusing on the company's core technology research and development in the company's core technology field and the corresponding industrial technology development and implementation. At the same time, the company also Develop new products and technologies using the model of cooperating with scientific research institutions to develop or introduce basic laboratory research results. Among them, colleges and universities and scientific research institutes are mainly responsible for basic research in the early stage.The company mainly undertakes the tasks of continuous and in-depth development of industrial bacteria, research and development and design of pilot and large-scale production processes, and industrial application research. On this basis, the company combinesBiology, metabolic engineering, fermentation engineering and other disciplines as the core have established a technical research and development chain of "industrial bacteria - fermentation and extraction - product application", as well as the two production processes of "fermentation method and enzyme method".

Through the above R&D and technical system, the company has achieved a series of technical achievements, realizing large-scale chemical biochemicals of L-alanine, DL-alanine, beta-alanine, calcium D-pantothenate, α-arbutin and other products.

Production has achieved good industrialization benefits. In the future, with the strong support of the national industrial policy, with the continuous demand in downstream daily chemical, pharmaceutical and health care products, food additives, feed and other application fields.

With the continuous expansion of volume and emerging application fields, the company is expected to further consolidate its leading position in the market with its existing technological advantages.

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