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α- arbutin
Product Introduction

α- arbutin is one of the most safe and effective whitening materials which is popular abroad. AHB adopts the reaction of sucrose and hydroquinone to synthesize by microbial catalysis. This product meets the standard Q/AHH 012.

Product Introduction

[Alias] 4-hydroxybenzene- α -D-pyran glucoside
[CAS Number] 84380-018
[Molecular formula] C12H16O7

[Molecular diagram]


[Molecular Weight] 272.25

[Character]White or off-white powder

[Applications] Whitening; Inhibit the activity of tyrosinase by binding itself to tyrosinase; Block the formation of melanin; Reduce skin pigmentation and freckles. It is mainly used in skin whitening and brightening cosmetics.

Product Consultation

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