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Product Introduction

Beta-alanine is a natural amino acid, which can exist in the free state in the root nodules of legumes in nature, and also exists in tea, mammalian brain hydrolyzate and tobacco leaves, and is mainly produced in the liver in the human body.

Product Introduction

[Alias] 3-aminoppionic acid

[CAS No.] 107-95-7

[Molecular formula] C3H7NO2

[Molecular diagram]

[Molecular Weight] 89.09

[Character] White crystalline powder

[Application effect] Beta-alanine is mainly used in the synthesis of calcium pantothenate and panthenol; in pharmaceutical ntermediates, it is mainly used in carnosine, atorvastatin,pamidronate disodium, ibandronate sodium and balsalazide,etc.

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