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Compound amino acid powder
Product Introduction

Compound amino acid powder with corn starch as the core raw material, and refined by microbial fermentation, can be used as fertilizer carrier and fertilizer synergist.

Product Introduction

[Character] Light yellow powder

[Indicators] Free amino acid content 40%, 30% organic matter, 15% total nitrogen, PH 4-5,5% water, heavy metal <30ppm


(1) Improve the stress resistance and disease resistance of crops;
(2) stimulate root growth, improve soil, and improve the ability of soil water and fertilizer conservation;
(3) Improve the photosynthesis performance of crops;
(4) It can improve the microbial environment of the rhizosphere of crops, inhibit the occurrence of soil-borne diseases, and have obvious heavy stubble resistance effect;
(5) Improve the quality, improve the sugar content of the fruit, and promote the color change;

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