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Product Introduction

Inositol usually exists in the free form in muscle, heart, liver, lung, and can also bind to phosphate into phosphocreatine. In lower plants, the main form is phosphoinositide, and in higher plants, inositol hexaphosphates.

Product Introduction

[Alias] Vitamin B8, muscle sugar, cyclohexanhexol, fibroalcohol

[CAS number] 87-89-8

[Molecular formula] C6H12O6

[Molecular diagram]

[Molecular Weight] 180.16

[Character] White crystalline or crystalline powder


(1) In food: it can be taken directly, and it is also widely used in food and nutrition products as a bioactive substance.
(2) In beverages: inositol is widely used as a stimulant in drinks, which can reduce fatigue, stimulate nerves and stimulate the metabolism of the human body.

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